Air pollution: How to protect your eyes amid the rising AQI? 5 Tips to shield your eyes from pollution

Air pollution: A decline in the air quality index (AQI) from “poor” to “severe” is triggering physical and medical problems. One of the leading causes of acute diseases noticed in people of all ages is AIR POLLUTION. Our eyes are particularly sensitive to air quality, making them vulnerable to allergies and irritation brought on by air pollution.

If experts are to be believed, the air we are breathing is full of harmful chemicals and harmful particles, and air pollution levels are at they are at the highest in Delhi and NCR region.

The most common eye problems brought on by smog or air pollution are:

– Watery eyes

– Aching eyes

– Redness

– Burning sensation in the eyes

– A stinging feeling

– Dry eyes

– Itching and blurred vision are among the other symptoms

Tips to protect your eyes

1. Use protective glasses or shades

People who use face masks to protect their respiratory systems from the harmful effects of pollution are a common sight we see every day now. Therefore, much as the face masks help our lungs, the glasses will help our eyes. So, it is imperative that we always wear sunglasses or eye protection. 

It is crucial that we protect our eyes with sunglasses, especially when we are travelling in an open car or are exposed to dangerous airborne contaminants.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes

The air contaminants cause the eyes to feel irritated when exposed. Under the effect of that experience, we must never rub our eyes. Rubbing the eye can aggravate the discomfort and make it feel like it’s burning. Additionally, rubbing your eyes with your bare hands can infect your eye by spreading germs.

3. Use eye drops

Our cornea is protected from dryness, itching, pathogenic bacteria, and hazardous pollutants by a layer of moisture. You must always have eye drops on hand but only after getting a doctor’s recommendation. Using eye drops on a regular basis helps in maintaining a moist and healthy eye. Additionally, lubricating the eyes two to three times daily aids in reducing optical discomfort.

4. Use cold compressors and stay hydrated

The use of cooling compressors helps reduce the irritation that excessive exposure to pollutants causes in the eyes. When you need to get rid of the itching and inflammation of the eye, a general cool compressor like a clean cloth soaked in cold water is helpful. 

Another option is to use ice cubes that have been wrapped in a fresh cotton rag. Applying the cubes to your eyes can do wonders for relieving pollution-induced burning.

5. Regular eye check-ups

To keep your eyes healthy, you must have routine eye checkups. Additionally, you should seek immediate medical attention from an ophthalmologist if the dryness in your eyes persists for a long period of time and the remedies do not appear to be healing the condition.


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Ways for everyday protection

– Wash your eyes frequently with cold water to avoid infection or put prescribed eye drops only. 

– Consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as fish, green leafy vegetables, carrots, nuts, and berries.

– Avoid long screen hours which can lead to computer vision syndrome and cause dry eyes.

– Ensure frequent breaks and blinking for lubrication.

Levels of toxic air in metropolitan cities and surrounding areas are on the rise. We must do our best to prevent and protect our eyes from real physical damage.

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