7 Easy Egg Salad Recipes For Protein-Rich Wholesome Meals

Whether we want to eat light or just want a healthier meal, we turn to salad. It is the perfect feel-good meal that can be rustled up in no time. Even a novice cook can make a good salad by just combining all the ingredients together. Since, salad is usually low in carbs, we make up for the nutrient deficit by adding lots of proteins and other nutrients, and the best protein-rich food to pick is egg. Not only egg salads taste great, but they are also fulfilling and make for a wholesome meal.  

If you want to make egg salad a part of your regular diet, you don’t have to worry about monotony. Here are some different kinds of salads you can make in rotation and enjoy a protein-rich egg salad with newer taste every single time.  

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Here’re 7 Egg Salads For Light, Protein-Rich Meal: 

1. Egg Tomato Salad (Our Recommendation) 

Looking for a healthy salad for your weight loss diet? This combination of eggs and tomatoes, along with onion, garlic and some olive oil will offer you both health and taste. Click here for the recipe of Egg Tomato Salad.

2. Potato And Egg Salad 

This salad will be enjoyed by both adults and kids, alike. Potatoes and boiled eggs are loved by all, and both these foods, when mixed with gherkins, parsley and creamy mayonnaise, make for an irresistible dish. Click here for the recipe of Potato and Egg Salad

3. Breakfast Egg Salad 

Kick-start your mornings with a plate of goodness. The breakfast egg salad combines chicken sausages, eggs, lettuce, capsicum and tomatoes. Garnished with honey mustard dressing, the salad is to die for. Click here for the recipe of Breakfast Egg Salad

4. Warm Egg Lettuce Salad 

If the dipping temperatures are making you want to have a warm meal every time, this salad is perfect for you. Scallions and shitake mushrooms, sauteed in olive oil, are drizzled with a citrusy vinaigrette, and then topped with frisee (lettuce) and poached eggs. Click here for the complete recipe of Warm Egg Frisee Salad. 

5. Green Bean Salad with Egg 

With just a few ingredients, you can make this green egg salad in minutes. Mix green beans, parsley and boiled eggs, and season with olive oil and butter. Add some crunch with breadcrumbs, and you have a great meal on your plate. Click here for the recipe of Green Bean Salad with Egg.  

6. Egg Bean Salad 

If you fancy a tangier and healthier salad, then this green bean salad is made without butter and includes tomatoes, lime juice and, of course, eggs. Click here for the recipe of Egg Bean Salad.  

7. Grilled Corn And Egg Salad 

Corns and eggs make a fantastic pair, more so in this salad as corns are grilled to infuse smokiness in this dish. The addition of tomatoes, onion, olives, lime and lots of spices make it even better. Click here for the recipe of Grilled Corn and Egg Salad.  

grilled corn and tomato salad new

Put your favourite eggs to good use. Make delicious and satiating salads for anytime meal.

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