30 Min Recipes: Munch On These 7 Crispy Veg Snacks For Quick Indulgence

There is no doubt that we love to indulge in crispy and crunchy snacks! Pakoda, samosa, kachori – these classic crispy snacks are some of our go-to choices whenever we are feeling hungry. However, these crispy vegetarian snacks take a lot of time and energy to prepare. If only we knew of some classic crispy snacks that could be ready in 30 minutes?! Well, we do! We have found the recipes for crispy veg snacks that can be prepared in no time. You can serve these snacks next time your friends or family surprise you at home.

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Here Are 7 Crispy Vegetarian Snacks Ready In Under 30 Minutes:

1. Onion Rings

Rings of onion are coated in spices and flour to get this crispy snack. Often served alongside burgers, onion rings are quite popular and have a special fan base among Indians.

Click here for the recipe for Onion Rings.

2. Mozzarella Sticks

Crispy on the outside and cheesy on the inside, this classic dish is our go-to snack whenever we eat out in cafes. Mozzarella sticks are super easy to prepare at home too.

Click here for the recipe for Mozzarella Sticks.

3. Chilli Garlic Potato Shots

While we are used to the store-bought version of the potato shots, now you can make this spicy and garlicky snack in just 20 minutes.

Click here for the recipe for Chilli Garlic Potato Shots.

4. Vegetable Parcel

If aloo patties are your choice of crispy snack, then this vegetable parcel will excite you. Filled with onions, capsicums, mushrooms and carrots, the flaky puff with delicious stuffing is ideal to make.

Click here for the recipe for Vegetable Parcel.

5. Sabudana Vada

This Maharashtrian snack is enjoyed throughout the country! Soaked sabudana is combined with boiled potatoes and masalas and then deep-fried to make a yummy treat.

Click here for the recipe for Sabudana Vada.


6. Aloo Corn Cutlets

Mashable potatoes, besan, flavourful masalas, and boiled corn are mixed and then deep-fried till golden brown. These crunchy treats go well with a cup of chai or coffee in the evening.

Click here for the recipe for Aloo Corn Cutlets.

7. Paneer Popcorn

Making paneer popcorn doesn’t require a lot of preparation; all you have to do is season the paneer, coat it in batter and fry it!

Click here for the recipe for Paneer Popcorn.

Try out these crispy vegetarian snacks that are ready in 30 minutes. Do tell us your favourite recipe in the comments section below!

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