15 Things ChatGPT Can and Can’t Do

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    In December, a Furman University professor, Darren Hick, caught a student using ChatGPT to write a final paper on a philosophical paradox. Hick failed the student and reported them to the school’s academic dean.

    He told the New York Post of the essay, “It’s a clean style. But it’s recognizable. I would say ChatGPT writes like a very smart 12th-grader.”

    Professors at other schools say the bot writes wretched papers.

    Penn State English professor Stuart Selber told Insider, “I’m not a huge fan of the gloom and doom. Every year or two, there’s something that’s ostensibly going to take down higher education as we know it. So far, that hasn’t happened.”

    Muhlenberg University assistant history professor Jacqueline Antonovich took Selber’s thoughts a step further, pouring cold water on ChatGPT speculation with a tweet: “I, a college history professor, input one of my midterm essay prompts in ChatGPT and the paper it produced would earn an F. Probably an F- if that’s possible.”

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